Community support from a variety of sectors has been integral to the ongoing growth and development of SCOAP. We are grateful for the support of surgeons, state agencies, founding and currently participating hospitals, health plans and pharmaceutical companies. Their contributions highlight a dedication to patient safety and high quality care.

In January 2008, the Board of Directors of the Puget Sound Health Alliance recognized COAP and SCOAP “as important quality improvement programs functioning within Washington State that are data driven, collaborative in their development, and that have an established feedback loop with the clear intent of sharing data to facilitate action and improvement.” The Alliance also “strongly encourages hospitals’ and physicians’ voluntary participation in COAP/SCOAP for quality improvement purposes.”

Member hospitals who have agreed to that voluntary participation, and to supporting SCOAP through fees and the costs of data acquisition, represent the cutting edge of improving quality and should be recognized for their leadership in supporting SCOAP.

The following additional organizations have enabled SCOAP to reach hospitals across Washington State through efforts such as support for regional meetings, SCOAP program development, expansion into new surgical procedures, and Surgical Checklist implementation. We thank and recognize these leaders in health care, and invite you or your organization to join them in supporting SCOAP’s goal of high quality, safer, and more appropriate care for every citizen of Washington State.

Getting Involved

Contact us for specific underwriting opportunities, and to discuss participation in SCOAP initiatives.

SCOAP was developed in partnership with, and supported by the leadership of the American College of Surgeons, Washington State Chapter.

Washington State Chapter, American College of Surgeons