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SCOAP Surgical Checklist in the News

World Health Organization (WHO) Launch of Safe Surgery Saves Lives Global Initiative Coincides with SCOAP Research

Visit the WHO website to learn more about their Safe Surgery Saves Lives Challenge and visit our SCOAP Surgical Checklist page to learn how we led this effort in Washington state.

Other News and Talk about SCOAP

  • General Surgery News reports on a study Dr. Flum presented at the 2008 annual meeting of the American Surgical Association, held in New York City. “This study demonstrated a significant reduction in negative appendectomies at participating hospitals contemporaneous to increased use and perhaps the increasing accuracy of preoperative diagnostic imaging,” said Flum. June, 2008.
  • The Puget Sound Business Journal was one of the first media outlets to write about SCOAP. October, 2007.