Choosing a Hospital

When choosing a hospital, you should look at the the safety and quality data that hospitals publicly disclose.  Most SCOAP hospitals disclose some of their data, which you can view on our website.  Several resources also exist to help you choose a hospital that provides safe, high-quality surgical care.

Hospital Compare

Hospital Compare is a website maintained by the US Department of Health and Human Services.  You can search for hospitals based on your specific medical condition or surgical procedure and view and compare a wealth of safety and quality data that will help you decide which hospital you should use for your care needs.

Puget Sound Health Alliance (PSHA)

The Puget Sound Health Alliance is a nonprofit organization uniting patients, providers, and payers with a goal of improving the quality and value of healthcare in the Puget Sound area.  PSHA releases an annual “Community Checkup“ that allows you to compare clinics, hospitals, and health plans on safety, quality, and other items that have been identified as important in determining high-quality and high-value care.  The PSHA website also provides information on how to identify effective care, how to choose or design health benefit plans, and how to decide which doctor to see and what questions to ask to get the best quality health care.

Should you go to a non-SCOAP hospital?

You’ll need to decide if it’s right for you to go to a hospital where the surgeons DO NOT receive performance data to improve your care. At almost all statewide hospitals, this has become a standard of care; however, some hospitals have yet to join for a variety of reasons. We suggest you ask your hospital’s leadership why they would not want to participate in something like SCOAP. This public pressure will be helpful in making all hospitals in our state SCOAP hospitals.